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Bag, Tag & Label

Proper part identification is an important concern in the manufacturing industry. Precision machine parts are complex and can have various levels of revisions. The time and effort wasted in trying to locate unmarked items is a hidden profit drainer.  The identification process is crucial, but, at the same time, so confusing that most manufacturers don’t place the proper emphasis on it at the end of their manufacturing process.

Mid’lantic Precision Inc. offers various levels of part identification to help our customers. “Bag, Tag & Label” is the last step in our manufacturing process, differentiating us from other precision manufactures in our market. When you receive our product, we want it to be a good experience. That is why we created “Bag, Tag & Label”! All items leaving our facility are clearly identified for your receiving, inspection, and inventory departments. MLP wants to make the storing and the locating of these high value items as seamless as possible. We offer several options to bring this value to you. Each method of identification has its own benefits and appropriate application. As these options are detailed for you below, we hope it will help you to select the level of parts identification which best meets your needs.

Metal stamping is basic and limited only by the amount of content and the size of the part. A minimal amount of metal deformation must be considered. A permanent mark is helpful for future reference.

Bag, Tag & Label

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