Industries Serviced

Mid’Lantic Precision, Inc. works closely with a wide range of industries from Glass Tempering and Glass Processing plants to a wide range of Packaging Industries and Research and Development Companies.

In the glass industry, factories need to operate at the highest level of productivity in order to remain profitable throughout their entire life cycle. Products have to be brought to market in a short time to meet the demand of the industry. Key to this is to identify and unleash a plant’s entire potential.  MLP is a key component to keeping industries operating at their highest levels.

Here is a list of Industries serviced by Mid’Lantic Precision, Inc.

• Glass Tempering

• Glass Processing

• Food Processing

• Medical Processing

• Bio-Tech

• Pharmaceutical

• Bottling

• Packaging

• Research and Development

flat_glass_machine, Industries Serviced

A flat glass machine that was serviced by MLP


Industries Serviced