About MLP

MLP represents American craftsmanship paired with the latest technology. Our employees are our greatest assets and we maximize their skills with computer-controlled machining centers. Your parts will be made on modern, well-maintained equipment right here in America.

Quality, Savings, and Dependability  We Mean It!

Quality! We have done literally thousands of reverse-engineering projects over the years. We have been servicing the manufacturing industry since 1976. Three generations of family experience back up our commitment to the highest-quality OEM replacement parts available.

Saving!  Huge OEM’s have high overhead to maintain – they often want to get their machinery into your plant so they can make their profit on the replacement parts. Do you know the old story about building a car by purchasing spare parts? And how it cost four times as much? If you think about it, is it any different in your industry?  Cost-savings and quality – that’s the value MLP brings to you!

Dependability! What good are quality and savings if you can’t get your parts on time? Sure, there will always be the low bid company. Do you really want to worry if your parts will show on time? If they are on time will they be consistent from batch to batch? At MLP your parts will be made on modern, well maintained equipment and delivered on time.

How?  You supply MLP with your high-cost OEM machine part, and we will reverse-engineer it. Here is our process:
• We visit your location for about an hour
• We help you create a working sketch of your product at no charge
• We send you a written quotation for your part within 24 hours
The engineering and design becomes yours with the purchase. Your order delivered on time – guaranteed!

No risk to you, only the opportunity to save money.

About MLP