Case Study:Production Line Halts, OEM item obsolete, MLP’s Reverse Engineering

Case Study:Production Line Halts, OEM item obsolete, MLP’s Solution: Reverse Engineering

Case Study:Production Line Halts.  An International medical supplies manufacturer is threatened with a production line coming to a halt.  The manufacturer wants to avoid the production line slowing or worse, shutting down completely, and choking off production of their much needed products.

Reason: The OEM supplier of a critical component declares the item obsolete.

Solution: MLP will use Reverse Engineering of the worn obsolete OEM component using mating parts.
Here’s how the process works at Mid’lantic Precision Inc. “aka” MLP.
1. MLP receives the worn obsolete OEM item
and mating components and in conjunction with the customer discusses the application as well as the shortcomings of the current design.
2. MLP  creates the new CAD file with improved design features to enhance the value for the customer.
3. MLP manufactures the stainless steel item and maintains the CAD file and finished items in our inventory.
The value to the customer: They maintain and extend the useful life of the current processing line as well as increase durability and availability of critical components.

Let MLP help keep your production line from coming to a halt because the OEM says your production line is obsolete.  Contact us to get started reverse engineering that much needed part to keep you company producing products.  Click here to contact us at MLP.

Case Study:Production Line Halt, OEM item obsolete, MLP's Reverse Engineering

A Part Reverse Engineered and produced by MLP.