Easy Etch Model A – Installation Notes

Installation Notes Easy Etch Model A – Revision 1

1. You must wear safety glasses before setting up and during operation of this machine.

2. Level your Easy Etch machine.

3. Remove rubber logo mounting plate. (2 screws) Using a funnel, pre-load 1 ½- 2 lbs of 150 aluminum oxide grit into the canvas blast bag. (Avoid getting sand into blast tube.)

4. Connect air and electric (Air pressure is preset at 70 PSI.)

5. Replace logo mounting plate, cover opening with a 4”*4” piece of flat card board box. Turn on the red toggle switches on the rear of the machine to the “ON” position. WATCH OUT! This machine uses compressed air and grit to mark the product. You must wear safety glasses while operating or being near this machine in operation. Aluminum oxide grit may over spray. Product breakage should also be considered.  Keeping hands and tools clear of clamp pad.  Push trigger with a screw driver to test fire the machine. You may do this as often as necessary to clear excess grit from the blast tube, normally once or twice will do fine. Wipe clean the hold down clamp shaft with light oil after each days use. Always keep this shaft clean or it could fail prematurely. Vacuum off excess grit after usage. Avoid over using the grit to the point where it becomes powdery and coats the inside of the blast bag leading to early failure and poor marking. Change your aluminum oxide grit regularly.

6.  Set white plastic stops and the trigger to desired positions for your logo position. Insert material to stops. Product will contact the trigger; hold down clamp will come down, Easy Etch will fire a short blast of air and grit. This will provide an etched marking on the product. (Rubber logos purchased separately.)


Installation Notes  Easy Etch Model A